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Kuhoo Gupta

Over the period of 4 years, as a mother, there have been many times that I felt less than strong. Juggling my daughter, health issues, finances, marriage, work, and just the desire to find success in all areas can leave you overwhelmed. There’s no doubt motherhood makes you strong physically, but that’s just the beginning.

Today we have one such strong women who chose to overcome all the obstacles life had thrown her way and grown to be an amazing mother and an amazing human being. Read on to know more about this mum’s amazing parenting journey. An IIT-ian, post graduate in Computer Science Engineering, by degree. With a corporate experience of over 8 years, Kuhoo is also a singer, lyricist and author by passion, having published more than 35 original songs & 2 books.

She has seen difficult times when the couple was trying to conceive. It took them 5 years to have the baby in their arms. They went through the lowest of their lives, first struggling to conceive and then facing two unsuccessful pregnancies & loss of 3 babies in the span of 3 years. This is when she realised there is something more than the physical realms as far as parenting is concerned. She delved into spirituality & found her calling there! She evolved as a much better person while going through these difficult years and kept on learning, reading & attending courses about spirituality, conscious parenting and child rearing. After she delivered her son, she went on to learn how to educate a child for life, and not for the rat race. That is the reason she has been homeschooling her son and does not plan to send her son to a conventional school. She has now drowned herself into alternative educational philosophies like Montessori, Reggio, Waldorf and the likes so that she can blend them all together & give her son the best of all of these worlds at home.

During her parenting journey, she realised that she needed more videos explaining the stuff, showing & demonstrating. What more she needed was book & toy recommendations along with meditations to get her to parenting goals. So in an attempt to share her experiences & knowledge with the world in parenting, early learning, healing, music & much more, she started to blog & publish Youtube videos under the aegis of THE K JUNCTION in August 2016, the term JUNCTION because there were so many areas in which she wanted  to share stuff. Before she started this venture, she was privately practising as a healer, a life coach & a parenting coach for her friends & family.

1.Growing up, what were your thoughts on becoming a mother one day? How did your upbringing influence those thoughts?

One thing I remember I always thought during childhood was I will never be able to cook good food for my child & my child would never cherish “maa ka khana” memories. This was because I was absolutely not interested in Kitchen. But things changed when I was nearing 30s & I found a therapeutic value while cooking. And the after I became a mother, this thought never haunted me haha.
2. Is there anything you wish you had done differently before getting married or becoming a mother?

No, there are no regrets at my end. If any day I feel that I should have done something differently, I try to change myself from the next day. There is no point in secretly wishing a change, change is you, yourself!

3. What were your first thoughts when you saw your baby?

Throughout my pregnancy, I somehow felt its a girl inside & when I was shown my baby just after birth, I was shocked for a couple of seconds that its a boy! And after that few seconds of shock, all I could feel was overwhelming gender-neutral motherly feelings towards my child 🙂

4. What was a unique thing about your kids/kid as a baby?
The way he would ask for a feed 🙂 At 2 years, he still has that same sound when he is demanding a feed from me!

5. How has imagining motherhood been different from the reality of motherhood?
I did not imagine it all rosy & happy, I had heard & seen difficult parts of motherhood too. But reality has been more difficult & even more rosy, happy & satisfying than I had imagined before!
6. What’s your favourite part of each stage of your child growing up – infant, toddler, child, teen etc?
My son’s infanthood – free flowing breastfeeding sessions when I was totally dedicated to my son and his toddler years are few of my favourite parts. Having interesting conversations with my chatterbox son and also following Montessori principles at home have given be amazing memories for life.

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7. What has given you the most joy as a mother? What has been the hardest part?
Leaving my corporate job & taking up my passion for parenting, early learning & alternative education as a semi-profession now has been the most joyful part of motherhood. This way I can also be with my son in his beautiful growing years.

The hardest part has been being able to let go of this wired belief that if I am a stay at home mum, I am not productive.

8. What is the one thing you would have liked to do differently as a mum?
Cannot think of 🙂

9. What advice would you give to other mums to be? The most important thing you feel they need to know.
Do your research well. Read up on the phases you are going to enter, in advance. There is nothing better than being prepared mentally, physically, emotionally & financially in advance when it comes to parenthood. Be yourself, do not judge yourself or any other mum. Trust yourself that you are doing your best for your child. Do not get overwhelmed by the things floating on the internet & Pinterest, not everything is realistic and as good & perfect as it sounds when we see pics or read articles. Find a good support system of mums online or offline.

10. Anyone special you would like to thank for helping you through parenthood?
There are many people & many support groups I am a part of, that I would like to thank. My family, friends & online mommy friends that I created a special bond with, just because of I am a mother now.

As I honour my own motherhood journey, I also honour the mothers of my generation around the globe. My sisters in motherhood. The mothers that have been in the trenches with me. Although we have done it differently, we are all stronger for having been a mum. We are all better.

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