If We Were Having Coffee, I would Open My Heart To You


If we were having coffee

Today being a Friday it brings along with it a happy feeling of the upcoming weekend or an end of a tiring week. For me, it’s all the more joyous as I look forward to curling on my bed late at night and open my Kindle to just relax and read till my eyes begin to drift off. It’s also a perfect time to brew myself a nice cup of coffee and get lost in my world of words, wisdom and endless possibilities that a book offers. There comes a thought knocking on my mind, “If we were having coffee… Well, the thought is full of endless ideas and possibilities. Being a die hard romantic I am going to take this opportunity and share a fictional conversation that a lover is wanting to have with her soulmate over a cup of coffee.


Read on.

So if we were having coffee….

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1) I would tell you how much I love you for the moment we are spending together. I would be thankful for the joys you bring in my life. For the colors that you add to my rainbow. We would be discussing all the blessings God has bestowed upon us. I would take the moment to express my true feelings for you, I would use this time to let you know that I cherish and worships you till eternity. I would show you endless possibilities life has to offer for us together and how we can achieve most of them.

2)Once I will be done with expressing my feelings I would like to give a download of my years gone by since we are meeting after so many years. From sharing of achievements to downfalls, I will unburden myself in front of you. As much as I like to share about myself I will urge you to share your joys and sorrows with me. Life is not always rosy so I know how much ever you try to be strong for me you might also need my shoulder for support. I want to stand by you like a rock giving all the strength possible.

3)With two cups down we would be settled with our coffee and those yummy cookies that you like the most. I would like to share a secret that I have kept in my heart that I never liked coffee from this place but since you loved the place and the cookies I decided to go with the flow for your love of this place. You were and you will always be special for me.

4)As you know I always loved writing and gradually shifted my career to writing. Today I am so proud of having two books published under my name. While I am on the verge of finalizing a story line for my next book I would like to take your opinion while we are on our coffee date. I would urge you to share your thoughts with me. The characters in this book are based on our real life and they inspire me to thank god for all the blessings. In addition to this, I would like to have more meaningful conversations with you. Spending time with you has been the best things that can ever happen to me.


5) If we were having coffee, I would like to take you through the collection of books that I have managed to build in all these years. The amount of knowledge that I have gathered for myself. You used to tease me for not being tech savvy in those days. Today I am not only tech savvy but can give tough competition to people half my age with the amount of knowledge I have added to my kitty.

6) I would like to share with you all my resolutions for the year and places I want to go, things I want to do and adventures I want to take on. I have suddenly developed a liking for adventure sports.I know aging body doesn’t support much but soul within is still strong. If we were having coffee I would like to ask if you would accompany me for these adventure sports now that we are free of responsibilities in life.

7) It’s interesting how priorities and goals change over time. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. Time seems like it’s speeding up more and more each day. I’m trying to slow down and be mindful and “in the present,” but it’s challenging. I get tired more easily now. I need more sleep than before. I am no more the 16-year-old girl who had met you long ago. But my heart is still the same and beats as fast as it used to when we had met.

8) I’d like to share my journey of parenthood. How I had never thought that I would be able to do justice to being a parent and a mother. You would be proud to know that I have evolved and I am a good mother to my two kids. It definitely looked difficult earlier but those cute little hands and feet and those wonderful eyes made my life easier.

9) I’d share the pictures of my kids with you and how they have grown up to become an established professional. I will show you how calm I have become over the years, A girl who used to lose her head over small things has learned to stay at peace. A lot of my fears of “will it ever happen?” have gone away, and I just know, in my bones, that it’s a matter of time.

10) I would be sitting with you with a beautiful pen and a diary as I have become good with writing and words. I would definitely want to flaunt my skills in front of you as you were always the master of language and words. Today I get the chance to flaunt. I would like to bask in the glory of having you by my side.I would just want to lean on your shoulders to take that much needed support. I would like to take anything and everything that you have to offer today.


11)Last but not least I would like to revisit those days when we started dating each other and came out for a coffee date for the very first time. I would go on to minute details of our relationships on how we evolved between our sweet bickerings. How we graduated to be more than lovers and became soulmates. You always teased me about the idea of the soulmate, you thought I was a romantic idiot. But today, when we stand at the altar of our life, don’t you think that we are soulmates. Seeing you sitting across me gives me a feeling that there is God somewhere who believed in me and blessed me with you. So what if we couldn’t marry each other. So what if we stayed separately all our lives. So what that we are meeting today after 20 years. So what my hair has turned almost gray. You look almost the same and more handsome with those fine lines of age and graying hair. Today I would like to tell you that I will pray to God in the next life he blesses us to be soulmates in the true sense wherein we can spend our life together and build a home that we always wanted to build for ourselves and have a family that we dreamt of.

As I said earlier, If I we were having coffee, this simple line is full of losing. This post has taught me so much that life has to offer and we need to just grab those opportunities at the right time.If you like what you read on our site do share your thoughts. We would love to hear from you. In case you feel there is something that can be changed or improved we would be glad to bring in positive changes.We can be contacted here for collaboration, sponsored posts, giveaway or just like that to chat with us.

If we were having coffee…what would you tell me? If you know me in person, do share your thoughts on what would you like to share with me right now? If we don’t know each other I will be glad to know more about you so do tell me what do you think of the posts and one thing that you will tell your loved one if you were having a coffee with them. Looking forward to your comments in the section below.

Stay tuned and stay blessed!


I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival Of Words #6 for which we were supposed to basis one simple line If we were having coffee. I chose to write about the fictional conversation between lovers on coffee.

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I had never thought of this simple line to hold so much weight and importance. I am so grateful for having participated in the Write Tribe Festival of words that gave me wonderful opportunity to go beyond my comfort level and thoughts. To come up with something which was exceptional and special in its own way. I have realized the true meaning of writing today. It’s not about picking up with category and getting cozy with that, rather, it’s about picking up new challenges and being in the uncomfortable position as that brings out the real writer in you.

With this, I would like to thank Corinne Rodrigues from the bottom of my heart for organizing this. I will be most eagerly waiting for the next challenge to come my way and to take it head on.



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  1. This is lovely and so original to me. Really enjoyed reading it.

  2. An amazing and beautiful write.

  3. This is a beautiful write up, absolute love it.

  4. priorities do change, with time even our likes and dislikes change.
    I would love to see your collection of books, and you can flaunt your writing as much as you want to 😀


  6. Mrinal

    It was a great writeup.. loved reading this.. also, i love coffee a lot!

  7. Coffee can make you talk and share stories. Amazing post.

    Congrats on completing the fest. It was a fun ride with you all. 🙂

  8. So my hubby and I used to visit this one coffee shop very often when we were just engaged… We would sit there for hours and talk about almost everything.. Once we got married and after the kids these slowly reducing coffee shop outings suddenly ended… Then the first couple of days when my daughter stated playschool and we had to stay around, we suddenly got some uninterrupted time and visited a coffee shop… Don’t remember what we talked about but it was such a wonderfully relaxed morning 🙂

  9. Wow, your post left me awestruck of your writing. You have a wonderful writer inside you. Great piece of work.

  10. I am also a huge lover of coffee. And i have many special moments related to coffee. Whenever i got angry on my husband for any reason he specially take me for a coffee date and try to change my mood😍😍😜. i really love coffees. Great post.

  11. Your posts brings out various emotions in me. I discovered your blog recently and I have been loving most of the posts that I read. You have a writing ability that draws people to you. I’m totally hooked to it. And yeah this is what I would tell you, if we were having a coffee 🙂

  12. Ar. Shivali Singla

    I love reading your post. I am a coffee lover too. So cheers for that as well.

  13. This is such a relaxing and calm post that I need to go through this every Friday ❤❤

  14. So much happens over cup of coffee a beautiful story blend in love and care superb God bless you both

  15. That would be one hell of a conversation! Great to connect with you, Rakhi. Thanks to FOW!

  16. I loved the way you analyze life. There are only few who can actually think this deep.

  17. Only coffee lovers can really know what it feels to have an amazing cup of coffee with the one we love. Wonderful article ❤️

  18. Coffee and lovers do have great connection. I was thinking of our initial years of marrige where we use to go for a coffee date. Loved reading the post.

  19. God.bless u…..every single word was written with so many mixed emotions… Fr a sec I felt dat it was fr me…..silly me….😉😊😊😊🎁 was marvellous

  20. If we were having coffee, I would have told you that I love you a lot, my friend! God Bless You!

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