Welcome people “Spotlight” is the brand new interview series featuring a whole host of fellow bloggers and interesting people from all walks of life. Each month I will be featuring interviews with fantastic fellow bloggers or a person who touched upon my life in a great way. This series will have a range of subjects giving you tidbits about how great people think.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, what better than kickstarting the series with “Motherhood” as the theme. I would like to pay homage to motherhood in many forms. Here you will not find a singular description of motherhood. What you will find, however, is what it means on a more personal level, which means that the definition of motherhood can only come from the heart. Stay tuned to read up on 30 mums throughout the month who chose to share a quick sneak peek into their lives as a mother. Get ready to be mesmerised by these beautiful selfless creatures who we call Maa, Mom, Mumma, Mummy, Mum. M is such an important word of our lives, Isn’t it?