Reasons You Wouldn’t Mind Your Child’s Screen Time With Magic Joey

Magic Joey

As soon as we become parents we all wonder and worry about the amount of our child spends on screen. Screens are part of modern daily life — phones, computers, tablets, laptops are slowly becoming part school curriculum as well to have unfettered access to the wonders of the world wide web. However, modern parenting thoughts often showcase the devices as harmful and mind-numbing; creating crabby, square-eyed, couch potato children who are constantly on the look out of screen time. We all know the dangers of screen time but don’t you think we over look the benefits that digital media can offer. Magic Joey (Augment Works) is one such amazing brand who has innovative products to teach kids using augmented reality. Keeping the love of cartoons and animals in mind Magic Joey has launched products that help kids interact with them.

Today one of the biggest questions (and sources of arguments) in modern family life is how much time is too much screen time? Well, I as a parent strongly believe that digital media and screens provide a unique avenue for learning and socialization. Obviously, we need to be as much part of this screen time to avoid prospective harm caused to the children. In fact, parents engaging with the kids in screen time helps them get more from the experience. Most of the times we tend to react harshly and ask kids to stop watching television or to put the phone away. However, we have not yet tapped the targeted and controlled screen time as a possibility. Screen’s can very well become a safe place where a child can get exposed to information at their own pace, consider their responses and adjust the way they engage with others, reducing anxiety which might otherwise come up in a classroom setting or amongst friends. It’s high time and we need to help kids make better choices by giving them freedom and responsibility with bumper lanes.

Today I am gonna share our family experience with Magic Joey which was nothing less than true fun time. I usually allow my daughter to watch some cartoon movies or to play few fun and educational games on phone but,we thoroughly enjoyed our family time with Magic Joey. Here is my review of the two products sent by Augment Works to us.

Who are They

Augment Works is technology company which adds cool dimension to the various products and services. Magic Joey is an amazing product by Augment Works.  I will be talking about Magic Joey in my review today.

1)Augmented Reality – 3D Coloring Book – Magic Joey – Pet Animals
2)Magic Joey Augmented Reality 24 Flash Cards Fruits and Vegetables in 3D – Interactive and Educational Fun Cards with Animation

Magic Joey

Augmented Reality – 3D Coloring Book – Magic Joey – Pet Animals

Well, this isn’t a random coloring book. The entire book has two parts to it. One is a coloring sheet and opposite to that is an activity sheet on which a child can also color after finishing that activity. It’s a completely fun filled learning book for the kids between 3 to 8 yrs of age.

How to use it: There are two parts to the book. On one side it has a coloring sheet and on the other side, it has an activity based sheet which adds to the content based learning. Since we got the pet animals book we started with that immediately. On the coloring sheet the child is supposed to color the image of the animal and then the image comes alive when scanned using the Magic Joey app. We started with coloring the parrot for the bright green and red color that it signifies. And it was the Kodak moment for us as soon as we scanned it on the app and voila the parrot came alive and started dancing and ultimately flew away. We all burst into laughter and along with our daughter, we were completely in awe with this coloring book. One of the important thing that I found on the app is that it provides audio and text content which engages the child more and helps in self-based learning. It has an amazing feature that allows you to take screen-shots and allows you to click a picture with the object in question. I had personally never experienced something like this ever. We had used other augmented reality based products but simply loved what magic Joey coloring book offers.

Magic Joey

Downloading the Magic Joey app: The App is available for Android and iOS both and can be downloaded on any smartphone. The book has a separate activation code using which it can be activated to see the images come alive.

Material: The book comes in paperback form and is quite sturdy with thick paper used to make it.

Price: INR 249. For the amount of learning and fun, it offers I would say the book is perfectly priced and easily affordable.

Instructions: There is a proper instruction that is given on how to color using only crayons and pencils.

Where can you buy them: Well, its just a click away. Click on the below given link to check them out

Will I refer this to other parents?

100% I will to everyone I know.


Fun: *****

Variants- They have other variants available on line which are Sea Animals and Jungle Animals 

Magic Joey

Magic Joey Augmented Reality 24 Flash Cards Fruits and Vegetables in 3D – Interactive and Educational Fun Cards with Animation

Yet another wonderful product by the brand. It’s a wonderful box with 24 cards of various fruits and vegetables(12 each). This is an amazing way of teaching the kids about different fruits and vegetables. All you need to do is download the app on mobile and activate it using the activation code. Once activated the child can place the card below the screen on the app and viola the app will scan the card and show an amazing 3D dancing image of the fruit or vegetable. There is a background audio description to the characters making it all the more interesting for the kids. The app is built in such a way that it also helps in teaching the spellings of various characters.

magic Joey

What does the pack contain?

  • 24 Augmented Reality Flash Cards
  • Free Android and iOS App
  • Interactive Learning using App
  • Activation Code for Product
  • Unique Animation for 24 characters
  • Audio Description for characters
  • Spelling for Each Character

Downloading the Magic Joey app: The App is available for Android and iOS both and can be downloaded on any smartphone. The book has a separate activation code using which it can be activated to see the images come alive.

Material: The cards are made of sturdy cardboard and are well rounded towards the corner to avoid the child getting hurt by the sharp edges. The cards have images of fruits and vegetables along with the names printed on it.

Price: INR 499 For the amount of learning and fun it offers I would say the box is perfectly priced and easily affordable.

Where can you buy them: Well, its just a click away. Click on the below given link to check them out

Will I refer this to other parents?



Fun: *****

Overall take on Magic Joey: We really had great family time with Magic Joey’s two products. The book and the box are both quite innovative, leading to fun and learning. If the screen time can be targeted no child will suffer from over dose of the same. The best part about Magic Joey is the fact that it requires parental control and involvement up to certain extent, especially for the young kids.

It’s a great gift that parents can give to their children and also keep the upcoming Rakshabandhan in mind this can be a great gifting option for brothers and sisters.

To know more about Magic Joey follow them here- Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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How do you manage your children’s screen time? Do you put limits on their devices or enforce family time outside and away from technology? Or do you try to bring family time online? Do share your opinion in the comment section below. We would be eager to hear from you.

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Lifethrumyeyes Tip- If you are a parent reading this do give “targeted screen time” a huge thought. It really works.

Happy Parenting !


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  1. I gifted these to my nephew and he loves them a lot. They keep him engaged in colouring work.

  2. I have to introduce the colouring books to my son, will do it soon. Amazing post Rakhi

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    With this kit , learning would be more fun. Will try out for my daughter.

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    This is really awesome.. i loved it.. it will also make a perfect gift for kiddos

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  8. screen time is moderation is never bad but addiction is ..i am glad brands are coming up with solutions like these to make the screen time more valuable and knowledgeable

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