Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About The Dead Sea & Skin Care

Dead Sea

Over the past few years it’s been wonderful to see how people have started embracing natural and organic skin care products. More and more people are shying away from the products which are full of chemicals and preservatives. People have become aware of the fact that what goes inside the body comes out as well. With years of research by the experts and scientists, we have definitely reached a point in our understanding of the fact what we put in our bodies plays a major role in our health. We all have heard of various natural ingredients that help in skin care without having to indulge in chemical packed products available in the market. Recently I came across a very interesting product by La Cure which had unique content from the dead sea. La Cure is natural beauty brand and the products by them  made from minerals directly extracted from the most saline lake in the world the Dead Sea. Isn’t it amazing a place where no living being dwells still provides such amazing salts and minerals which are used by humans to their benefit? I was really amazed as I had never heard of the salts from the Dead Sea being used in beauty products. Well, since this was different it made me dig a little deeper and get to know the facts and realities behind this secret ingredient.

Dead Sea
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Dead Sea
La Cure Brightening Cream that I had tried.

During my quest to find about more about dead sea I came to know of the therapeutic properties for which it has been known since ancient times. It’s one of the lowest points on earth where we get valuable minerals and those are really useful for a number of functions. And In fact, you would be surprised to know that the biggest beneficiary of dead sea is skin because of the minerals found in this salty sea. These minerals are known to have healing powers. There are various minerals by which a human body can benefit. Most of them are to be consumed in the form of food or medicine, However, there are many minerals which benefits just by coming in contact with them. High salt content which is a super rich mineral makes the Dead Sea all the more special. It contains a lot of minerals, like magnesium, calcium, sulfur, bromide, iodine, sodium, potassium and zinc, which are easily absorbed by the skin. Because of its dense mineral content, dead sea salt is extremely bitter and isn’t edible but it does have amazing beauty benefits for skin, hair and more as you’ll find out below! For the best-looking skin, try out skin care products that use Dead Sea minerals. After generations of use, Dead Sea is finally getting the attention it deserves. This unique beauty product is able to moisture the skin and removes dead skin cells gently. Let’s look at what makes dead sea beneficial for beauty!

Benefits Of Dead Sea For Skin Care

Dead SeaSkin Detoxification & Pores Purification- The minerals found in the dead sea helps in detoxifying your skin. The mud found in dead sea is capable of taking out impurities and toxins from the skin.
Dead SeaIncreases Circulation- The minerals used in making Dead Sea soap are quite good in increasing circulation in the skin. Improved circulation is important because it helps in bringing vital nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells while carrying away toxins and wastes. This is an important act in the normal cell functioning.
Dead SeaHydrates The Skin- In case you have very dry skin you can try dead sea salt for hydrating your skin and retaining its moisture content. You can try using the dead sea salt lotion after showering for further hydration.
Dead SeaHelps In Acne-Since Dead Sea salts contains a lot of zinc and sulfur it helps in busting the acne and other eruptions on the skin.
Softens the hard skin- Soaking your body in dead sea salt bath helps in reducing the roughness in your body on the areas like elbow, knees, and heels.
Dead SeaTreats dandruff- It has sulfur and sodium which helps in curing dandruff. It cleanses the scalp for flakes while fighting of yeast overgrowth that causes dandruff.
Dead SeaReduces fine lines and wrinkle- I recently came across a very nice anti aging brightening day cream and night cream by Lacure which has dead sea salt as one of its main content. So yes it can be used as an anti aging agent in beauty products.
Dead SeaReduces and soothes skin allergies- Due to the presence of magnesium and bromide it helps in soothing the itchy and bumpy skin.
Dead SeaPromotes Hair Growth- The miracles of dead sea salt even help prevent hair loss and boost hair growth!
Dead SeaErases stretch marks- I recently also got to know that it helps in reducing the stretch marks over a period of time

There are many people who travel from across the world to take salt baths and mud treatments in order to improve various skin conditions and illness. It rejuvenates the skin completely. If you have an opportunity to visit the Dead Sea, don’t miss it! Your body will thank you. Since it’s not easy to travel to this far away land, so you can definitely use products that contains dead sea minerals.

Have you used Dead Sea salt before? Share your experience below! Or got any questions? Ask away! ♥

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Lifethrumyeyes Tip- Apply products on your skin that your body inside can digest too. Go chemical free.

To know more about the amazing range by La cure stay tuned for an extensive review.

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    Wow those are some facts that I really didn’t know!!! I’m going to be sure to check it out for acne and dandruff both 🙁

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      Thanks Mahak. You can buy these products from

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