Chore Wars: How To Distribute The House Chores Amongst Kids without Any Whining

Distributing house chores amongst kids-Raising a kid is a great responsibility, because he/ she will be a grown-up person one day. It is up to you if you want to have a dependent grown-up kid or responsible adult. The parenting is not only to let the kids play freely and happily, but to teach them important lessons about life. Everything starts at an early age, when, similar to the modeling clay, the kid is adaptive to be shaped. Yes, it is easier to do all the chores by yourself, but you teach them that they can get everything they want, without putting any effort. So, stop this practice and do something to create conscious individuals.

Kids, just like adults, have their own character. Some are eager to help their mommies, others are going in crying outburst when you ask them to do something. The different approaches work in a different way… small prizes and surprises on a regular basis can seal the deal with some kids, but definitely ruin your budget.

Start to establish core values in your kid by assigning cleaning chores. Don’t let them “slip” from their daily duties by use of their puppy eyes. You are in control, so if you win this fight, you allow them to win the whole battle. Keep in mind that if you have more than one kid, they should be equally involved. You can let them work together and help each other, which will create a sense of team work. Or, you can assign them different tasks, complied with their age of course. You can’t expect miracles from your toddler, but step by step you will go there. And you know what people say- some students are better even their teachers.


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To avoid any battle howls in your home like “But mum, she has fewer things to do than me…”, you need to be really fair. The best is to rotate the chores between the kids. For example one of the kid will clean the floor this week, and next time this will be the chore of the other kid. Let them know that there is nobody else, who can do their job. At one moment, they will feel important members of the household and will stop messing the whole place.

As suggested by cleaners from Top Prime Cleaners, the cleaning duties, which you assign to your kids should be with similar intensity to every kid. Or if this is not possible, the kid, who gets the easier job, takes more chores. This will save the fights with and between the kids. Always listen to their wishes. Make a list of the cleaning chores, which are their favourite and don’t mind to perform and the most hated, which no one wants to take. Use the combining principle- give them one pleasant and one unpleasant job.

Consider some grading system, in which every kid gets points for the job. At the end of the week, you sum the points of every kid and announce the winner. You can give him/ her a small prize for all the efforts or let the kid choose the activity for the weekend. This will encourage the kids to invest efforts in what they do, because at last there is no unrewarded effort.

Enjoy Every moment with your kids, but don’t forget that they count on you to grow them up like responsible people. Sometimes they can whine about their chores or beg for a day off, but don’t retreat from your position like a parent. Beating around the bush will give them only a carte blanche that they can escape their responsibilities. Just remember one thing- be fair and motivate your kids to conquer new peaks!

11 Thoughts to “Chore Wars: How To Distribute The House Chores Amongst Kids without Any Whining”

  1. Very valid points . I think its important to make kids independent and let them do their own chores. Its a great idea to give incentives at the end of the week for everything they do.

  2. This is a useful value to inculcate in our children. And the earlier you catch them the better it is. They must learn to be independent and do their own work.

  3. We’re also trying to incorporate this at home by letting her see all chores being done. Since she likes to copy everything we do, she has started taking part. If she drops water, then she does poncha. She is now also in the habit of putting toys back in place after playing. Might not be 100% but she will put away most and it’s about forming a habit. I was wondering how to keep this up as she grows older and now will put your tips to good use!

  4. this is one thing I truly believe in, my mom used to ask my help in simple things like picking up stuff and keeping things neat & tidy. I do the same with my daughter and love doing that. She also like helping me and feel proud after wards – mom see I love you so much that I work with you 😉 That’s relationship building too

  5. I really loves to see little kidos helps their mums in their household wrok. My daughter also love to help me when she feel bored or want to do something new. She helps me in doing dusting or cleaning the house. She arranged her closet. And she does it with full love and manner. I never forced her to do this for me. because kids dnt like to do work anything new under Pressure.

  6. My daughter always helps me in many household work, She helps me keep clothes in rack, In kitchen i think in many many task. She is such a help and when I am on call or something she will take care of her Brother. Just love her. this helps us spending more time with each other and yes even it works well with our bondings.

  7. I believe in the same house hold chores should be done by kids as a part of daily life to make them more independent …pampering doesn’t mean you have to spoil them by not letting them do any work ..they should be independent by the time they grow that independence will only come when they learn to work at home and also kids are more humble when they help in household chores..

  8. You know, I’ve always had this in mind. As as child, I was made to feel like chores are a burden on my mom (which it was) and we should help to maker her load easier but then they seemed like a load to us too. So this idea behind encouraging team work without making it sound like work, seems good to me! I am going to try that. And the teacher in me will grade everything. LOL.

  9. Zainab

    I like the idea of rotating the chores! I will start with their room:) thanks for the idea!

  10. I still remember the time , when my mom used to make a list before Diwali ,and the divided the chores between me and my sister!

  11. Debolina

    This is good and helpful information. Will try.

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